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Eligibility for the Clinical Examination

NOTE: The clinical examination (Part III) has been eliminated for all candidates entering the certification process for the first time after January 1, 2006 except those seeking certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

  1. The candidate for the clinical examination must have satisfactorily completed the written and oral examinations.
  2. Clinical log submission forms and instrucitions information, which must be returned by the applicable due date, along with:
    1. The examination fee.
    2. The candidate shall submit a log of segregated totals of all major operative cases from the start of practice to the submission date OR candidates who have been in practice longer than a year should submit logs for the most recent 12-month period (January-December). The candidate shall submit this log in the manner prescribed by and in accordance with the instructions and format supplied by the Board. The submitted cases must have been performed consecutively. The candidate must be the surgeon of record on all cases submitted. The candidate must dictate all operative reports for cases submitted. The logs must demonstrate the candidate has had surgical experience of such variety and scope as to demonstrate that the candidate has managed and is capable of managing major complex, surgical problems. If the candidate demonstrates sufficient variety and scope, the candidate will be admitted into the clinical examination process.
    3. A list of all mortalities with a brief synopsis of each such case occurring during the same time period designated in “b” above.
  3. The clinical examination for certification in general surgery will be waived for those already certified by a three-part examination in cardiothoracic surgery, urological surgery, neurological surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and general vascular surgery provided that:
    1. Documentation has been submitted from the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons or the AOA that verifies completion of general surgery residency training.
    2. General surgery written and oral examinations have been successfully completed.

Refer to the AOBS Protocol for Certification for complete information about the certification process.

Clinical Exam Instructions

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery



Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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