Certificates are issued by the Board to candidates who have met all requirements for certification and who have received the approval of the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists. Each certificate shall be signed by the chairman and secretary of the Board. No certificate is valid until it has been signed by the executive director of the AOA. Candidates beginning the certification process for the first time after January 1, 1997 will be issued a time-dated certificate which will be valid for ten (10) years.

Inactivation and Reinstatement: Diplomates whose time-limited certification has been deemed inactive for any reason may petition the AOA BOS Certification Compliance Review (CCR) Committee to reactivate the certification. Physicians reentering the certification process within three (3) years of the expiration of inactivation of their certification may reenter the process by remediating or completing any outstanding certification or OCC requirements not fulfilled when the certification became inactive. The date of certification will be effective on the date that all requirements have been satisfied and valid for ten (10) years.